+Positive Blue

Who we are

We are a Startup founded in September 2014, with the aim of leveraging our technological know-how. Oriented for the research and investigation of new trends in System and Information and Communication Technologies, we develop web and mobile solutions, add-ons, as well as other specific products.

What we do

Thinking creatively allows us to take full advantage of technological solutions and enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of enterprises. We study the client’s sector profoundly to face his business model in different perspectives to develop new solutions, more flexible and with increased functionalities.

How we operate

Guided by the visionary power of the Internet and focused on “Technology and Innovation Services” we bet on the development of new products to meet the needs of companies, which want to position themselves in the future with more speed, agility and efficiency.


Conceiving and developing solutions, technologically advanced and differentiating in Systems and Information and Communication Technologies – IS/ ICT, in order to satisfy the most demanding needs of the market to the global sphere. Monitor and anticipate technological evolution, guided by the highest standards of innovation and quality.


Being an inspiration on the passion for technology, with national and international recognition, on the part of clients, partners and employees, for its research and development work, in the search for innovation, able to add value to businesses.


Knowledge – Information, knowledge and creativity are the key for the success of our organization, as they create innovation.
Innovation and Development – We continuously work in the search, discovery and permanent identification of new technologies, methods and processes.
Team spirit – We learn and grow daily, united by a common mission: develop advanced business solutions.
Customer Service – We want to ensure the quality of the services provided, paying maximum attention to the needs of our clients.
Ethics and Respect – We strictly comply with the laws and regulations applicable to our activity, as well as with the requirements of Partners and Clients.
Social Responsibility – With the employees and the community where we are in, we favour a socially responsible attitude.

Positive experience

Positive Blue is a company participated by Ideias Dinâmicas SGPS. A solid corporate organization that operates in the areas of Communication and Services, Construction and Technology and that has a strong presence in the Portuguese-speaking countries. Positive Blue stands out for the innovation in Systems and Information and Communication Technologies, counting on employees with over 10 years of experience in the development of customized solutions, in the area of Energy and Utilities.




The Enterprise Portal +b.4Business is a technological solution that offers a simple, complete and integrated vision on day-to-day management of your company’s activity.

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SMS360º is a SAP and WEB application that allows your company to send SMS to your clients, making it a simple and powerful tool of Communication, Marketing and Sales.

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SAC – Collection Support System

Designed to operate in an offline environment, it allows to overcome the momentary difficulties of access to the Internet, enabling continuous work, without unnecessary stops in the daily management of the company.

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The aim of providing a comfortable and relaxed space, that would stimulate the creative dynamic, was the motto for the renewal of our Positive Blue space.

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The Startup Positive Blue has in its genesis the driving force of Ideias Dinâmicas SGPS that created all the conditions for the achievement of a good business idea: leverage the technological know-how to develop innovative solutions, tailored to the companies.

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Talk to us

Contact us:

  • Rua Álvaro Castelões 821, 2º Andar, Sala 2.2
    4450-043 Matosinhos – Portugal
  • (+351) 22 939 8320
  • geral@positiveblue.pt